In a time of information overload, positivity and affirmation is a necessity for our children. Social media, television and general everyday interactions exposes children to many negative and harmful influences. Christ Kids Apparel was created to remind our children of the beauty, love, and happiness that they bring to the world. Join us on our campaign to encourage and support our youth to search for their path in the Lord, Christ Jesus. Visit our Bonfire page total today to get your child a cool, cute and positive shirt today that tells the world that he or she is a Christ Kid!


Psalm 127:3. Children are the Lord's reward and gift.

I'm a Christ Kid w/ cross

His Grace for Me

I'm a Christ Kid

Made with a plan, Fashioned with a Purpose

Kings Kid

Team Favored (gold)

Team Favored (pink)


Destined for Greatness w/scripture

Enormous Faith (orange)

Enormous Faith (purple)

Enormous Faith (yellow)

Enormous Faith - unisex

Christ Kids Apparel

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